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Love and Hip Hop star Lil Scrappy Has a Lil Tax Lien Problem

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Not only does Lil Scrappy have women issues, he now has money issues. I guess it’s hard here for a pimp, literally. Now ish jus got real Uncle Sam hit the “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star with a tax lien because he didn’t file his taxes in 2006. #MONKEYFOOLISHNESS. How you dont file your taxes? People without jobs still file their taxes some how.

As if Bambi, Erica P and Momma Dee wasn’t enough to handle. Now Lil’ Scrappy has to deal wit the feds because he failed to pay taxes in 2006 and they want their money. This is not the end of the story folks, he also owes a few other people. He owes Chancy Hope $150k from a legal settlement and more than $100k to a concert booking company called Heavy Rotation.


On “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” Scrappy looks like he is financially okay. In a recent episode we even see him agree to buy Momma Dee a new scooter. That seem like a good idea for him though with a tax lien, a lost lawsuit and the pending Heavy Rotation money that he owes. Not to mention…….


Read More on www.24HourReality.com


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