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Logan Talks “Famous,” Drops New Video

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Video directed by J. Krown

Words by Tyler Gallagher (@TyTalksChi)

Everyone has dreams of being rich and famous, but for Logan, these dreams may soon become a reality. Today, Logan drops a visual dealing with the trails and tribulations of the famous, infamous and the wannabe famous.

To commemorate FeoMob frontman Logan’s new visual, “Famous,” I sat down and chopped it up with the rising Chicago rapper. We cover everything from the meaning of his latest track, to personal matters such as his friends and family. It gets deep. Check out the full transcript below.

FSD: You’re the CEO of FeoMob — so what exactly is FeoMob? Are you guys a crew?

Logan: Uhh, like I guess you can say that. We’re more like brothers, you know what I’m saying? We didn’t always go by that name, but last summer my homie Feo got killed, so after that we just wanted to figure out a way to bring him on this journey. So yeah, we just named the whole shit, the whole movement.

FSD: Today you’re giving us the premiere of “Famous.” So whats the story behind “Famous?”

Logan: Basically, I just see a lot of people that wanna shine hard, but they dont’ wanna work hard. And I don’t know, motherfuckers just be flexing like they famous and shit, so I just decided to make a song about it.

FSD: Real hip-hop problems

Logan: [Laughs.] I got a EP dropping, too.

FSD: Wait, you have an EP dropping? Is it all produced by your in-house producer, Flight?

Logan: Yeah he produced every track

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