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FSD Feature: God: God’s Will

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Words by Ryan Chandler (@NayrRyChi)

A powerful yet polarizing name. A relentless flow. Dope visuals. A debut project titled  The Bible. Yes, he definitely has your attention now. And with that Chicago’s own God has begun the path to success. After months of delivering consistent records such as “A New Chicago,” “Chiraq,” and “Slave,” The Bible puts GOD’s promising talents on a cloud of its own.

The 10 track opus features thunderous production from upstarts K.E.On The Track and Chris Wheeler, who’ve been able to pinpoint what sounds and tempos the G-O-D needs to perfect a composition. After interviewing God at his release party/listening session, his humility and charismatic demeanor made it evident that he has a bright future ahead of himself. Although an untimely legal situation seeks to hamper his rise, God remains positive and confident that his message and actions can help lead and an inspire a new Chicago.

Today, we bring you the first-ever one on one interview with the Southside upstart. He enlightens about his controversial moniker, discusses his artistry and he elaborates on his plans for The Bible. All praises due.

FSD: Tell us a little bit about your writing process and beat selection?

God: My beat selection is the first thing. I like to pick a beat that I can feel — a beat with some real music in it. I gotta hear some type of real instruments that’s going on in the background of the music. But at the same time add the new element of what people like.

Second, I come up with a concept of what I want to talk about.

Thirdly, I come up with the flow.

I like to add substance and I like to add bars. People want to hear bars, so I put little punchlines in there. The last thing I do is I like to add a story to it, so people can follow it.

FSD: What made you choose such a powerful and polarizing name like God?

God: Like you just said, it’s a powerful name. We really don’t want to speak on it that much, we want to let it live on its own and let people figure it out themselves. It’s just something powerful, something dope . came up with it, and ran with it.

FSD: What is your short term goal for The Bible?

God: Every time I go in the studio I’m aiming for a classic. Whether it’s song, or I’m thinking about putting a project together – I’m trying to get a classic. I’m trying to change Chicago. I’m trying to make Chicago that ‘city’ with everything I do. When you think of New York you think big, when you think of LA you think big. I’m just trying to make people look at Chicago in a different light. Not just for the violence. I want people to know we got talent out here. We got people out here that’s real dope.

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