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Watch The Trailer For “O.G. Sosa” – A Documentary About Chief Keef’s Mom

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On June 17, 2014, film and production company Hip-Hop Junkies, are planning to drop a documentary about Chief Keef’s mother, Lolita Carter, who they’ve deemed O.G. Sosa. Today they released a trailer for the doc, and the official press release for the film. It chronicles her journey from growing up in Chicago, to her son becoming one of the hottest acts in the music industry. Not sure if Sosa approves or not, but you can check out the full press release below.




Charlotte, North Carolina, 
May 21, 2014
 – Hip-Hop Junkies Film and Video Production Company was granted exclusive rights to produce THE REAL INGREDIENTS OF O.G. SOSA, a documentary on Lolita Carter (O.G. Sosa).  Miss Carter is the mother of Keith Cozart a.k.a., Chief Keef (Chicago’s controversial rapper). Go to 
 to view the trailer for the documentary.

THE REAL INGREDIENTS OF O.G. SOSA will be released world-wide on
Tuesday, June 17, 2014
 for digital download on 

This never before seen footage allows the public into Lolita’s world, past and present.  Lolita gives an honest account of her transgressions, challenges and family life, while growing up in one of the roughest areas of Chicago.  Nowadays, this area is known to many of the younger generation as CHIRAQ.  The film also covers her experience as a single parent while giving birth to her oldest child, Keith (Chief Keef) at the age of 16.

Living in the South Side of Chicago in the Parkway Apartments (O- BLOCK), Ms. Carter wasn’t afforded many opportunities to succeed in life.  She became a product of her environment, infested with drugs and crime.  However, even today, Lolita doesn’t dwell on her upbringing and past life.  She states, “Those were the cards I was dealt.  I never complained about the issues; just rolled with the punches and sucked it up.”

Despite being raised by a loving mother and father, Lolita gravitated towards the streets and the fast life.  The Original Gangster (O.G.) moniker isn’t just a false facade. The letters O.G. preceded her at an early age, while being known to have had ties to Chicago’s most notorious gang, “The Black Disciples.”  Lolita’s upbringing in gang life started early on as a pre-teen through her brother, King Keef’s affiliations.  Her brother at the time was a major player in the streets of Chicago and is currently the namesake to her son, Chief Keef.


Hip-Hop Junkies Film and Video Production Company is based in Charlotte, North Carolina and was launched earlier this year, after closing the door to its flourishing radio show due to parent company, WGIV (The Soul of Charlotte) – 103.3 FM being sold. While continuing with its “cutting edge, thinking outside of the box” platform, Hip-Hop Junkies’ will produce in-house film and video projects that focus on the world of urban entertainment; in particular, hip-hop and its history, life-style, music, fashion and culture.

Hip-Hop Junkies’ projects will deliver the most revealing interviews and thought provoking topics, while targeting a young hip audience with a strong multi-cultural appeal.  With the anticipated release of THE REAL INGREDIENTS OF O.G. SOSA, Hip-Hop Junkies will prove to be a force to be reckoned with in the entertainment industry. 

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