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Love and HipHop ATL recap Season3; Yung Joc worried about Jeremiah hands all over Karlie R

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Sometimes the “drama” is on just a lil too thick, it's too extra this season “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” feels manufactured.

Let's recap Monday episode: Karlie  Redd is in the studio waiting for her boyfriend Yung Joc, They are about to move in together. She’s suspicious of his behavior and wondering if he is being faithful.

In comes Jeremiah (yes “Birthday Sex” Jeremiah), who is obviously is flirting with her while they are working on a song. While he’s invading her personal space and not to mention she isn’t resisting (she has some nerve to be suspect of Young Joc). Then conveniently Joc walks in and Jeremiah leaves quickly, leaving Karlie and Yung Joc to go at it hence why I feel the show is manufactured. Yung Joc acts all jealous. Karlie acts all defensive since she said nothing happened when in fact, there was serious flirting going on. This leads to a major argument where they are reduced to calling each other “stupid.” the whole thing was just a little dry.But I guess this means they aren’t moving in together for now.

In the case of baby Kirk…. Kirk was wondering if Rasheeda‘s baby was his. So here is the Monkey foolishness…. he secretly did a DNA test.  Then he had his friend Benzino open the results… and voila! It IS his. He is so excited, he says  he’d like another baby with Rasheeda, than flirts with the waitress.Home boy dont know if he coming or going. Since he hadn’t told Rasheeda bout the DNA test, Benzino burns it. So I’m sure he said nothing about it to her … until she saw this episode. I’m sure that argument will be fun.
Scrappy‘s boys can swim! He got Bambi knocked up after she tells him she loves him but he doesn’t return the favor (not a shocker) Before the baby news, he was sending inappropriate texts to a new Erica called Erica P. She invited him over to her place, candles and all, and seduced him. He was tempted. Oh, he was tempted. But miracle of miracles, he kept it in his pants.

Benzino’s got a new girlfriend y'all !. Benzino and his gal Althea show up together to Stevie J’s home. Joseline, before seeing her, is suspicious, wonders if she is for real. When she meets Althea, she decides she is truly in love with Benzino and vice versa. They are quite lovey dovey.

Erica, Scrappy’s ex, has a new boyfriend, a model named O’Shea aka broke ass. They have a bowling date with Yung Joc and Karlie. O’Shea insists he’s going to pay in front of Yung Joc and Karlie, then asks Erica for her credit card. I almost died looking at this fool. Seriously? Erica says he hasn’t had much work lately so she is fronting for him. Can anyone say paymaster

Mimi and the sex tape story gets advanced only a little: Mimi gets angry when Nikko tells her he told Stevie J about the sex tape sale. She is so upset, she gets out of the car in the middle of the road and walks away — for dramatic effect. (I’m sure someone picked her up or the production crew escorted her to her nearest destination.)

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