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FSD Feature: Chicago Rappers Discuss Their Side Hustles

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Words by Ben Cronin (@onedognight)

Spring has arrived and it’s a nice reminder that Chicago has a particularly lush rap scene blooming before us. Everyone is hustling to make sure we are steady bumping their sounds at outdoor parties, during late night train rides, and at the crib. With spring here, we have a bucket of warm weather releases to anticipate and (hopefully) some summer anthems to keep in rotation.

Chicago artists seemingly never sleep and it can be easy to get carried away on the words of our city’s best. We often fetishize the lifestyles we hear about in raps, but rest assured, musicians have to hustle to get theirs, too. Not everyone lives in the studio nor do they ride with their respective mobs at all hours of the day. It’s important to step back and realize that the music that we consume rapidly takes time and money to create.

Music is a hustle, no doubt, but side hustles can pay for things like studio time, collaborations, beats, and lifestyle (shouts to all our Chicago fashion gawds.) We asked a handful of rappers and producers about their hustles and what they do to make some extra guap. You won’t believe some of the responses we got. Hit the jump below.

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