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Convulsic - Love Space EP

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Music trends come and go, but the actual sound remains imprinted on people forever. Every genre can cause a shift in emotion and mood, but there some songs that can create an influx of sounds and completely take over you. This is the sound that San Diego native Convulsic creates to make his mark in the trendsetting worlds of Electronica and Dub-Step. His influence with mainstream artists such as Flux Pavilion and Skrillex is present, however he is nurturing a sound that will compete with the heavy bass hitters of today's scene and with his new singe "Love Space", can define a sound that has potential to make San Diego the new Dub-Step destination. Convulsic's creativity is intense, and it can be heard and felt when listening to "Love Space". Not your typical ballad, "Love Space" is a hard hitting, synth splitting Dub-Step track that takes charge of your speakers and intensifies your senses. Like most Dub-Step, "Love Space" has a soothing intro; comparable to a roller coaster's beginning into their adventurous trail. With light soundscapes and gentle melodies, the song quickly brings in rougher elements including impactful drums and gnarly synths; and before you know it, you're trapped into the song's growling bass lines and snarling synths. "Love Space" ensnares you with its high-octane energy while creating a euphoric atmosphere for audiophiles to submerge themselves in their love for Dub-Step. Convulsic does a remarkable job in exploding his bass-filled tracks while later imploding his song for a smoother audio experience. His techniques are reminiscent of top producers and DJs around the world, so it comes to no surprise that his skill has caught the attention of Dub-Step fans, and has created a strong following. His new single "Love Space" is defining his sound that will surely lead him to success within the Electronic community and shatter the conceptions that people have about Dub-Step. If you are enthralled by bass music and can't get enough of Dub-Step, Convulsic is the perfect artist to listen to and hit the replay button.

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Download Convulsic - The Day You Left (Dubstep)

Download Convulsic - Love Space (Dubstep)

Download Convulsic - Strangers (Dubstep)

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