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Former fiancé Shantel Christine Jackson aborted Mayweather twin babies?

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Im pretty sure everyone who is following Floyd Mayweather on Instagram has seen his rants and taunts about his ex-fiance Shantel, who is from Miami, Fl. But obviously Floyd wasnt done because it seems that Floyd himself or someone in his camp leaked a document of Shantel abortion document indicating she aborted twin babies on 12/26/13. I think Floyd is making a big mistake, he is doing wayyyyy too much. He also posted Christine as his WCW (women crush wednesdays) on Instagram but he post an unflattering picture of her. He is obviously trying to get under her skin, and we get it. Dont you have a match, leave the poe' child alone. Mediatakeout reported it was an anonymous source, but shhhh I think it was him, IJS…..


Abortion_Paperork    Abortion_Paperork1


According to MediaTakeout.com


May 1, 2014: MediaTakeOut.com just received some word from an ANONYMOUS SOURCE inside the MONEY TEAM CAMP. According to our insider, that the real reason for the break up of Floyd Mayweather & former fiancé Shantel Christine Jackson-Mayweather is that she lied to him about the "miscarriage" of twins she was carrying. Word is that the babies were actually aborted – and we have PAPERWORK EVIDENCE below!!! According to our source, when Floyd learned about this – he really TOOK IT HARD. Not only has this emotionally and mentally affected him, this goes against his belief in killing babies. Not one,but two!! If a woman can lie about what she claimed to be a "miscarriage", how true could it be that those really were his babies that she was carrying. Makes you wonder what she's really capable of. . . .



What do you guys think? too much?

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