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Acid Rap One Year Later

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Words by Andrew Barber & DC Culbert 

Exactly one year ago today, a 20-year-old rapper hailing from Chatham changed Chicago rap as we know it. One man with a new vision and outlook on the rap business, gambled on himself and won big. And most importantly, he did it all on his terms.

Disenchanted with the major label system and industry politics, the rapper born Chancelor Bennett shrugged off the various offers and promise-makers, and put together the most important project of his career: Acid Rap. The project was a full year in the making, and was a more mature and complete project than its predecessor, 2012′s 10 Day. 

Chance, with his contagious charisma and mass appeal, brought the people to him  – by offering up a free project that connected with fans of all races, creeds, colors and ages. Acid Rap didn’t discriminate, but it was a brutally honest look into the realities of a young African-American becoming a man in the Windy City. The rap that exploded in 2012 left a sour taste in many people’s mouths, but Acid Rap was inviting. And instead of promoting violence, Chance was exposing the harsh realities of it. He drew attention it, but it wasn’t to glorify — it was to educate.

Acid Rap exploded and became bigger than anyone (even Chance) could’ve imagined. It landed him on high profile magazine covers, sent him on tour across the globe with the likes of Mackelmore and Eminem, and even put him on his own headlining gig across the states. The moral of the story here: Being yourself works. Sticking to your guns works. Not giving up works. Staring adversity in the face works. Patience works. But most importantly, hard work trumps all. Chance never slowed down, never backed down, and kept his eyes on his target the entire time.  It worked — and in a major way.


In conjunction with the one year anniversary of Acid Rap, FSD contributor DC Culbert put together a piece highlighting the five most important records from Acid Rap. In his humble opinion of course. Hit the jump to check those out.

The Five Most Important Records On Acid Rap.

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