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Video: Enstrumental Clothing Presents “Pigs Eat Donuts”

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Envelope-pushing Chicago clothing company, Enstrumental, is known to raise eyebrows with their revolutionarily charged messages and themes. And “Pigs Eat Donuts” is no exception. Today, Drew at Enstrumental rolls out his ’15 Seconds Is Not Enough’ video series, kicking things off with the talented young man, Jahleigh Bullie.

The thoughts and ideas behind the series are very in-depth, so I’m going to pass the mic to Drew (the other Drew) to elaborate on his latest creation:

Beginning April 29, 2014, and in due course through the Spring/Summer of 2014, Enstrumenal Clothing will be releasing the 5-part video project series titled “15 Seconds Is Not Enough.” This project will spotlight 5 high school students from the Chicagoland area who will each be performing short poems wherein the title and theme will be based on 5 different Enstrumental shirts. The Enstrumental brand concepts will be illustrated via the audiovisual framework and exhibited through the intense formulation of the spoken word … with a touch of a revolutionary conception.

So why “15 Seconds Is Not Enough?” In general, the phrase refers to the Instagram 15-second video sharing feature. A more specific explanation of the phrase refers to the notion that often times, our lack of attention/analysis and conscious neglect of the productive matters involving the younger population have left us with a substantial portion of a generation whose educational repertoire, interpersonal skills, societal views, respect for culture, and the respect for themselves, etc., have been compromised.

The vision is becoming narrower, which can lead to a blindness of the ideals and objectives common to the virtuous nature of man … It’s time we all start paying more attention. 15 Seconds Is Not Enough. What we have been doing is not enough.

We can flood the social media “airwaves” all summer about the harrowing and heartbreaking conditions surrounding the youth/community within the inner city landscape, but what will that do? We can casually stroll the sidelines of individualism as spectators of the declining and degrading elements of a generation, or we can choose to highlight and encourage the effective ideologies of a segment of society often boxed in and labeled as disoriented and/or disinterested.

I have not done enough, and perhaps, your honest introspection parallels mine. May we all strive to change the mentality. May we all desire to unite with those who are actively and constructively attempting to alter the horrendous mental and physical positions and predicaments of those for which a generative legacy must be left. Evaluation. Education. Inspiration. Transformation. A transformation of those who might be suffocating under / yielding to an “I’m limited” disposition …

Now, this is not the solution. Displaying the positive and artistic vibes via the poetic art presentation is just one of my attempts to possibly modify the minds of younger citizens who might feel that what they have to offer the world is just not enough.

Fashion is cool; however, I’m more concerned with the culture.

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