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Boondocks “Pretty Boy Flizzy” Portrays “Chris Brown” Violent Tantrums

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“The Boondocks” were at it again with the premier episode “Pretty Boy Flizzy" this past Monday. Aaron McGruder has always been good at making waves around at the heart of a matter. He showed us that MLK would be disappointed in us, that The Itis is a killer, and that any woman named Crystal Like the Champagne is probably hooking and doesn’t want to be saved.  Season 4 of “The Boondocks,” Aaron McGruder isn’t writing for the show anymore as we last reported. Surprisingly, that still didn’t stop the series’ new writers from tackling a big issue right off of the bat: the curious case of women who love Pretty Boy Flizzy, a.k.a. Chris Brown, because he hits women.




As you guys remember It’s been more than five years since Chris Brown threw his career in the tubes by assaulting his then girlfriend Rihanna. Since then, the R&B bad boy has had a difficult time staying out of trouble. whether it be in rehab or a nightclub. Since Brown refuses to stop giving writers material for their creative works, the hit animated series “The Boondocks” decided it was time to hold a mirror up to the celebrity and show him just how ridiculous many people think he is after the episode aired we wonder  how did Chris Brown take it when he saw it.



According to urban daily Breezy he didn’t didn’t go into too much detail about his feelings about the “Boondocks” spoof. Hopefully that would give him a different view of how he been living.As a true "Boondocks" fan I'm not surprise of the setting the of the show. I am sure Chris breezy but won't be last target for the remainder of the season. None the less the show still maintained the side eye sense of humor"The Boondocks" airs their new episodes every Monday on adult swim so stay tuned I know I will.








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