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The Return Of Lil Boosie

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The coming home of Lil Boosie can be compared to the second coming of hip hop Jesus. It was the talk of every gossip site, barbershop and everything in between. Very few artist have garnered the type of prison release attention that Boosie has received (think Tupac and Snoop Dog), but on March 5, 2014 the gates of the Louisiana State Prison opened and Lil Boosie was finally free. Since his release he has wasted no time stepping back in the spotlight and catching up with the fans that have missed him greatly. He stopped by the Breakfast Club recently and spoke candidly about everything from what he did when he first touched down, to how the passing of Pimp C affected him. Lil Boosie admits that while in prison he spent most of his time preparing for his return.

He recorded over one thousand records while inside, wrote a movie script and pushed crates together, pretended it was a stage and practiced his performance skills. It was his intense preparation that allowed him to currently be booked through the summer, doing only arena performances, and selling out crowds of twelve thousand plus. First order of business upon coming home was seeing his children and getting himself some “surfbord” (the shower rod wasn’t invented yet) followed in close second. Lil Boosie admits that while he did receive conjugal visits in prison (and no he’s not married) when he came home he performed like a champ, lickin and stickin! None of this was with any of his baby mama’s by the way. He considers them friends, whom he has bonds with, but there’s no on the low creeping going on.


Boosie does however support their reality show, but has confirmed that he will not be anywhere near the camera and has no interest in doing reality t.v.; even turning down an offer of two hundred thousand and episode (yes you read that right, 200k per episode).When it comes to Lil Boosie’s pre-prison circle of people, he says he’s significantly chopped them down. “People cut themselves out”, he says “If you not with somebody when they’re down, you can’t be with them when they’re up. Clearly prison has matured Boosie, who no longer cares about hanging in the hood. “They know I’m a G regardless.” These days you’ll find him with his kids, in the studio and looking for more property and land to buy.

His album drops July 15 and he guarantees that it’s all original music that he’s written since he’s been home. Be sure to click on the video to find out what Lil Boosie thinks of social media, the references to him being the Tupac of the south, and why he doesn’t listen to anyone but himself.One may say that Lil Boosie is even more famous now then he was when he went in and he would agree with you on that. “Can’t nothing really make me mad. I’m free” he states in his signature southern drawl, and much like Jesus fans are hoping to turn some of this watered down rap into wine and take his place on the throne of the south!

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