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Saint Millie Covers Red Eye, Drops Episode 1 Of ‘Road To Glory: The Documentary’

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As we mentioned last night, Chicago’s Red Eye is doing a full blown documentary series on rising Chicago artist and Treated Crew member, St. Mille. The squad (squad!) of Ernest Wilkins, Lenny Gilmore and Sean Ely chronicle Millie’s journey to SXSW in Ausin, TX and back again, to showcase just how hard (and also how rewarding) it is being a rising star in such a crowded industry. This series is the result of following Millie and his crew around for a few months, and today we get episode one.

To kick off the series, Millie finds himself on the cover of the paper as well. Talk about a good look. Watch episode one above, and hit the jump to see Saint Millie in all his glory as a Red Eye cover boy.

The Chicago music scene is crowded. It’s gritty. It’s completely unforgiving. But one rap artist from the westside of the city refuses to give up. When he’s gutpunched, he pops back up. Time and time again. Introducing Saint Millie, a 22-year-old Oak Park musician who believes he is living his “road to glory.” Watch the young artist on his journey to get paid for what he loves to do, jumping hurdles to get close to that reality. Overcoming small, quiet crowds is just the beginning. But Saint Millie is ready for whatever is thrown at him. He continues to be “the good in the situation.


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