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ATL Rapper Diamond exposes Scrappy and Momma Dee

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Atlanta based rapper Diamond has finally exposed her abusive relationship with rapper/reality star from Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Lil Scrappy after being broken up for over a year and how his mother left her in debt. Diamond recently visited The Breakfast Club to talk about her new reality show but she went on in Lil Scrappy and his momma. According to the show Diamond revealed that Scrappy use to beat her and abuse her emotionally. Diamond revealed that Lil Scrappy was a monster to her, she said " He abused me mentally, and physically . We fought, like you aint beatin’ my a**. Yeah, he got some issues. Some demons, he needs some help.” Wow, thats all I have to say about that.





The ATL rapper also says Scrappy was horrible with money, “He has bad spending problems. I think you, you know, people go through phases. I think we’re better off as friends. I don’t want to try to continue to be in a relationship and we end up not liking each other; hating each other. I just want people to know we’re not together.”


Diamond also alleges she had to put a condo in her name for Momma Dee because her credit was so bad. Diamond said  she got sick of Scrappy and his mom ruining her credit: “I got his mother an apartment, that she trashed and messed up my credit at one point in time, terrorized. I co-signed for her a condo. “They was using our names for ratings. I had a meeting. I wanted to see what it was about, you know as a businesswoman. It wasn’t really going with the whole plan of my music career. I don’t think it was a good look for me. I wanted to focus on what I had going on in my life currently, they wanted to focus on what happened in the past.”


Her upcoming reality show probably prompted her to start talking about her ted relationship, I mean if its the truth then I see no problem. But as we can see from social media Scrappy is not to pleased.





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