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Mississippi State Senate Chris McDaniel Blames Gun Violence On Hip Hop

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Mississippi Republican Senate candidate Chris McDaniel blamed rising gun violence on a "hip-hop" culture that "values rap and destruction of community values more than it does poetry." Chris Daniel recently pointed the finger at "hip hop" for the recent perk in the gun violence. 

Hip Hop "is the merely lines in a poem to the rhythmic beat with the attachment of rap. Hip Hop was derived from Disco music hence this being birth name of the genre of music called " Hip Hop". Rock, pop, or even country will also have to take responsibility for the rise of gun violence due to the fact there have been violent responses to all genre of music. Music doesn’t dictate the minds of human beings by forcing them into committing crimes that are gun related.

 The Mississippi State Senate made a note to vocalize that it was not a racial criticism towards one particular culture. He also referred to children that partake in listening to "Hip Hop" music culture as “hip-hopping kids” being responsible for increased gun violence in the United States.

Senate Candidate Chris McDaniel also stated comment below:

"The reason Canada is breaking out with brand new gun violence has nothing to do with the United States and guns," McDaniel said in the teaser. "It has everything to do with a culture that is morally bankrupt. What kind of culture is that? It's called hip-hop." He also further stated It’s a problem of a culture that values prison more than college; a culture that values rap and destruction of community values more than it does poetry; a culture that can’t stand education. It’s that culture that can’t get control of itself."

Due to the Candidate Chris McDaniel blunt statement inquired me to research a gun violence statistic that determines anyone, who recently contributed to the increase in gun violence listened to Hip Hop Music in their course of life. This gun violence statistic does not exist and leaves me to think that the Mississippi state candidate McDaniel should keep his opinions to himself and state more facts. Instead of the McDaniel seeking the real source of recent surge of gun violence its an easier outlet to point the finger towards music industry.

The real cause of the upsurge in gun violence is the convenient accessibility to guns on the street, stop this and it will bring a halt to the gun violence. For Senate McDaniel to blame the music industry for the safety of this society is just like pointing a finger at the air stating it’s the reason for pollution. Music does not kill people but a perpetrator pulling the trigger will indeed take another life. This was an outright absurd comment from a senate candidate to seek another responsible party for violence in society. 

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