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Rihanna begins 2014 by setting Chris Brown Apology Letter on fire.

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There is no doubt Chris Brown has put Rihanna through much stress in the past couple of years.

The “Unapologetic” singer received a New Years Ever apology letter from Chris Brown. Close source of RiRi said “it is clear that he was out of her for good. Chris letter to Rihanna said that “he was sorry and he would never hurt her”. Clearly Rihanna was not impressed and the apology came way too late. Another close resource stated Rihanna said, “she put Chris to bed last year for good”.

Rihanna known for her string symbolism, decided to prove clearly she is over her feelings for Brown. While partying (smoking) , Rihanna pulls out the fake ass letter and placed it on a large candle holder and put ashes on it until burned. Rihanna continue on to say “good riddance” and move forward to entertain her guest.

Nothing says “I’m over you”, like setting an ex apology letter on fire. Considering all the drama and humiliation Chris put her through, who can blame her? RiRi sources say along with the letter she got a gold necklace as well. Which she plans on selling and giving the money to charity.

Also Rihanna source says, “she want to have a happy, and stress-free 2014, and she is done with bull**** from the men in her life.

The world and Rihanna will never forget the well publicized battered photo images of “Pour it up” singer, so it is only natural for Rihanna to respond to the letter like that. Rihanna wanting to start 2014 without troubled men with baggage is the best New year Resolution.

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