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Chicago Rapper Qawmane “Young QC” Kills Mother for Financial Gain

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Chicago Rapper Qawmane “Young QC” Kills Mother for Financial Gain. “Young QC” Wilson kills his mother for insurance money. After murdering his mother “Young QC” withdraws 20,000 and passed out money to the hood. “Young QC”video taped him giving back to his fans once he withdrew the money from his mom accounts. There were also two accomplices that assisted in the brutal murder where “Young QC” mother was stabbed and shot to death.”Young QC” reason for hiring a hitman for this vicious act, according to court documents, was “financial gain.”

One week after death, Wilson, her sole beneficiary, liquidated his mother’s bank accounts, collecting more than $90,000. He also was beneficiary of two of her life insurance policies, according to court documents.

“Young QC” went to facebook, instagram and twitter posting pictures of stacked hundred dollar bills. Law enforcements arrested Wilson, 24, and friends Eugene Spencer, 22, and Loriana Johnson, 23 for carrying out a hit in September 2012 while “Young QC” mother laid asleep in her apartment with her boyfriend. They are currently being held with no bail. was then arrested along with the two hitman and held with no bail. Attached is the video of “Young QC” making it rain for his fans with mother’s life insurance after death.

Comment in response to the video above :

“Sick mutha fukka and its still lil hoes that think he cute they should kill theyself he look like a girl i thought he was a stud….smdh”

“The Bible doesn’t say that money is the root of all evil. It says that the “love” of money is the root of all evil. Which he loved more than his mom. Sad but this is our society and sadly said but the way a lot of black youth think they should live.”

“i hope he pleads not guilty so this can play out in court!! so the whole world can see him”

“U twisted lil fuck… U sud be fucking ashamed of yourself… Who wud even consider some1 lik u human after such a crime.. U spoiled crazy fuck-tard. There can’t be no logical reason for him to kill his mother..NONE AT ALL cuz from wat I hear she gives him watever he wantz n yet still YOU..u little pussy do sumn like dat…u watch too much movies sick bastard… U truly deserve to get lock up until the end of time.. I hope u think deeply about wat u have done n commit suicide! Do us all a favour. Less ppl lik u in the world the better!!!”

“AMERICAZ BEST KILL YOUR MOM FOR MONEY CREW Yo cuz word 2 ur anus you be gettin bedpost fuckin in prizon lyk u deserve u f33l me nigga …now that I’ve spoken his “language”, I can leave.”

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