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Hip Hop Editorial : The Year in Review

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2013 marked an interesting year in hip hop. Some say it was reminiscent of the “Golden era” of hip hop, in the 90′s where lyrics and crew love defined you as an artist,musicianship flowed throughout every crack and crevice of the country, with the underground scene was just as creative and prolific as their mainstream counterpart. The age barrier that, once upon a time, found it taboo to rap past a certain age, has been broken with the longevity of Jay,E-40,Too Short, Snoop,and Trick just to name a few.While emerging artists like Kendrick Lamar ,Drake, J.Cole, hold down the future.

Eminem became the first artist since The Beatles to be the lead artist on four songs, in the top 20 of the billboard 100 during the same week, while Nippsey Hussle sold his mix tape for $100.Ladies and Gentleman hip hop is not dead,it is alive and well, jet-setting a path to the future.

A lot of Unexpectedly good music came out to compliment a great year in hip-hop. GKMC ,The Marshall Mathers 2 project, Beyonce, and Magna Carta came out with little to no promotion prior to release, and all of them are classics in my opinion.That verse that shook up the world(See Kendrick Lamar’s “Control” feature) almost single-handedly set the bar in hip hop,and has emcees bringing fresher more substantial bars.Artists like Future and Rich Homie Quan’s sound resonates through every club,keeping with the energy and showmanship of their “Crunk” predecessors. Justin Timberlake and Beyonce had monster years in RnB as they set the standard for singers in 2014.

But of course with the Ying, there is a Yang. Hip hop has encountered some misfortune through the 2013th year, some moments we all wish we could take away. The misdealings of Mister Cee, The downfall of Jimmy Henchman, Kanye, all but having a public meltdown(I Ain’t got all the answers Ye!), and everyone’s little slice of ignorance we call “Love and Hip-Hop”and the rest of the guilty pleasure we call;”Reality TV”.

As we embark on the new year, lets take a look at a few of the good, the bad, and the ugliest moments and people in Hip Hop.


Hip hop’s newest heir to the throne lives out west. Kendrick Lamar’s debut album,”Good Kid, Mad City” , earned seven Grammy nods, including, “Album Of The Year”.

The west coast lyricist had a amazing year killing verses and penning the,instant classic,”Control” verse, which encouraged the hip hop community to step their game up and bring more content to rap. With Top Dawg Entertainment Label-mates, like Schoolboy Q Jay Rock, Ab-Soul(Also Known As Black Hippy) and Isaiah Rashaad, his competitive nature should be fueled well into the future.

The Comeback Kid

Marshall Mathers, better known as Eminem made a phenomenal comeback on the scene after releasing,”The Marshall Mathers II LP” and destroying the charts.With tracks appearing on the new Call of Duty commercials, he hasnt lost a step in star power.

On wax,he retains his status as one of the most talented in the game, as he showcases a skill set mastered by few .His new project shows him using pop and country beats,as well as hip hop,with his verbose wordplay and uncanny cadences.

He became the first artist since The Beatles to be the lead artist on four songs (Monster, Survival, Rap God, and Bezerk) in the top 20 of the billboard 100 during the same week. With super group Slaughterhouse at his disposal, I as well as the rest of Hip Hop is looking forward to what they are gonna bring to 2014.

The Power Couple

2012 BET Awards - Roaming Inside And Backstage

Throughout history hip hop has seen its share of celebrity couples, from Bobby and Whitney to Raven-Symone and Azmarie. This year hip hop has seen couples team up and take over the scene. This years biggest couple seems to be Jay and Beyonce with major tours,(Jay-z”Magna Carta Holy Grail”.

Beyonce”The Mrs.Carter World Tour”)and both dropping major(surprise) albums. Magna Carta debuted at Number 1 on the Billboard 200 in July, after a deal with Samsung selling 1 million copies of his album before the July 4th release date. Beyonce stole the show late in the year when she released a unpromoted album via an instagram video. Her self titled album broke iTunes records for the fastest selling project to date.

Both albums combined for a total of a mere 19 days of promotion (All Jigga). With Jay building his “RocNation” brand and Beyonce with no signs of slowing down, it looks like a prosperous 2014 for the couple.

Although Jay and Bey might be the most successful, The most outgoing of couples would have to be Kanye West and Kim Khardashian. Kim’s public display of her whole family has caught the eye of reality TV as everyone “Kept Up With The Khardashians” .While Kanye has seen himself in and out of headlines.

Notable Power Couples for 2013 :Tiny and Tiny,Wiz And Amber,Future and Ciara,Big Sean And Naya Rivera.

You Aint Got All The Answers Sway!!!!!


The incomparable Kanye West kept a buzz like no other in hip-hop. After”failed” attempts to gain notoriety in the high-end fashion world, he took this year to seemingly “vent” his frustrations through rants and raves airing on radio and TV.

The self-proclaimed”Biggest Rock Star On The Planet”,debuted at #1 on billboard with his,”Yeezus” album and sold out shows across the nation on tour.He even brought ,”Jesus” on stage during shows. Beefing with Jimmy Kimmel, arguing with Sway live on the air, letting him know,”He Aint Got All The Answers!!! ”With the birth of daughter, North, and proposal to celeb girlfriend Kim Khardashian this year you’d think he’d be a happier person.

Apparently, Kanye West is tired of the world criticizing him for sticking his foot in his mouth. The rapper went on a 27–minute–long rant at his Toronto show, Dec.26,saying he’ll stop speaking negatively for “six months, at least.”

We Can’t Stop The Wrecking Ball…


Miley Cyrus is no stranger to headlines, although she has had an amazing year musically, it’s been overshadowed by excessive nudity and twerking. Miley and Juicy J are possibly the main ppl associated with bringing the word “Twerk” to Webster’s Dictionary, and Yes, the two are doing music together.

Her VMA performance with Robin Thicke made the world stop, (and throw up), but there was no letting up as the 21 year old shows us that she isn’t Hannah Montana anymore.She also featured nude in the video for Big Sean’s single,”Fire” When asked about her personal evoloution:
“People that know me, they see me change really every week, every two weeks, I’m changing and learning so much. I think especially now that I feel like I’ve found more of my independence. I don’t think I was ever really happy with who I was.”

No Love in Hip Hop


Reality TV seems to have no bottom, with every passing season a new low is reached.This year we’ve seen the likes of Stevie J. and Peter Gunz grace television screens across the country. These two guys are the almost the stars of their own respective show,’Love and Hip Hop” and ” Love and Hip Hop Atlanta’.

If you like rooting for the bad guy, here are two of the finest,in the flesh. As every episode unfolded the dram, tension and fuckery got bigger and bigger. Stevie J tries his best juggling act between his child’s mother, Meme Faust and puerto rican pop star, Josiline Hernandez. Although his actions on screen deemed unforgivable by women everywhere, they pale in comparison to, Peter Gunz’s recent transgressions.


He’s been living with Tara Wallace, his gorgeous girlfriend of 13 years and mother of his two boys, but has recently started a new relationship with his client, beautiful songstress Amina Buddafly. After making Amina his wife,Gunz has to figure out a way to keep these two angry women apart. Tune in weekly on VH1 on Check us out for more coverage.

The Miseducation of Mister Cee


Calvin Lebrun, better known as,”Mister Cee” is an hip hop Dj and Icon to many, his claim to fame comes from DJing for the legendary Big Daddy Kane and also discovering The Notorious B.I.G. As one of the top DJs in the country,working at the world-renowned Hot 97 in New York,Mister Cee fell upon troubled times this year. He was exposed earlier this year after, Trans-sexual blogger/prostitute, Bimbo Winehouse, released audio of him being solicited for oral sex from the D.J. This isn’t the first time he was in the headlines for this though.In 2011 he was arrested for receiving oral sex in a car from a transgender male.

Amidst of everything he denies he is a homosexual, stating “I Don’t Consider Myself Gay”on Hot 97’s Breakfast Club.He also stated that the 2011 arrest was a “Set-Up” from the,”Hip-Hop Cops”.On Sept 11,When the recording was made public and tension became too thick, Mister Cee resigned from his position at Hot 97 releasing this statement from Alexandra Cameron, SVP/General Manager of HOT97:

“Due to some personal circumstances that have become public, after 20 years of service, Mr Cee has chosen to resign. We feel that this is in the best interest of both HOT 97 and Cee’s personal well-being. While we do not endorse the alleged activities, he is clearly facing a personal dilemma that is for him and only him to comment on. We are saddened by his departure; his contributions here at HOT 97 were great and we know him as a friend, a caring individual and significant hip hop advocate. We wish Mr Cee the best and will always consider him a family member of HOT 97

The next day after a conversation with, Ebro, the president of Hot 97, and the support of fans and followers on social media,he reconsidered his resignation. He continues to spin at noon
on Hot 97.

I Am Trayvon Martin


Trayvon Benjamin Martin (February 5, 1995 – February 26, 2012) was a 17-year-old male from Miami Gardens who was tragically shot by George Zimmerman, a neighborhood watch volunteer, in Sanford, Florida. Martin had gone with his father on a visit to the father’s fiancee at her townhouse at The Retreat In Twin Lakes in Sanford. On the evening of February 26, Martin went to a convenience store and purchased candy and juice. As Martin returned from the store, Zimmerman spotted him and called the Sanford Police to report him, saying he looked suspicious. Moments later, there was an altercation between the two individuals in which Martin, who was unarmed, was shot in the chest.Zimmerman was not charged at the time of the shooting by the Sanford Police, who said that there was no evidence to refute his claim of self-defense and that Florida’s stand your ground law prohibited law-enforcement officials from arresting or charging him. Zimmerman was eventually charged in Martin’s death and a jury acquitted Zimmerman of second-degree murder and of manslaughter charges in July, 2013.
The Public outcry after this was evident in all aspects of culture.The verdict sparked nationwide protests and calls for reform of our country’s self-defense gun laws.Even Rick Ross took to the streets through song rapping about putting a $100,000 bounty on Zimmerman.


With notable moments like the Chris Brown/Drake saga, Cash Money protesting Summerjam, Ocho Cinco,Gucci Man spazzing out, Beyonce at Halftime of the super bowl, Lauryn Hill goin to Jail,the Miguel leg drop,the reunion of Goodie Mob, Chief Keef’s offsets, Snoop Lion’s transformation or even Sharkeisha, we at 24HourHipHop take the good with the bad, and hope for a great year in 2014. JW Out.

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