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Studda G - Horror Movie

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Deon Burnside better known as Studda G, was born on the west side of Rockford, Illinois in 1992 where most of the city's gang, violence, and crime thrived. In late 2005 he moved to the east side of Rockford with his Mother and brother after his parents got a divorce. Studda G began to create his alter ego by laying down his first rhyme when he met Shan, a gangster disciple known around the east side of Rockford, Illinois. He was inspired to rap because of the fact he could express himself in a way that he felt true. He got his name from a close friend affiliated with the gangster disciples; he was told that Larry Hoover, a leader in Gangster Disciple Nation used to stutter when he was younger. He took that information and created StuddaG, a menace on the mic and a threat on stage that stood to motivate anyone’s hustle and push through any obstacle. The “G” was added later as a symbol to represent "greatness". On May 21st 2009 his Father, Lendric Burnside died of an unknown cause. Studda G changed his mind frame about life after the death of his Father. He started taking his music and his life more serious. His mother moved him to Hattiesburg, MS in late 2009 to separate him from the streets and the city life. In 2010 StuddaG met Eddie Myers, from hearing about a label called Executive Mentality. Eddie was working with this label before the birth of HoodzConnect, the soon to be record label partnership between the two men. Studda G became Executive Mentality's lead producer. After the owner of the record label refused to push the music, promote, and network with others, Studda G and Eddie broke off from the record label after a year of pushing the label themselves. In October of 2011, Studda G and Eddie created HoodzConnect, a label that stood for pushing, progressing, and team work. StuddaG and Eddie became the two co owners and they both scouted for talent to take with them on their adventure to get into the music industry. The view that Studda G wants to bring to the rap game is a big picture, a story, news about what goes in life, how we deal with life and what pushes us through.

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