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Longshot f/ deM atlaS – No Matter What

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Produced by Young Diamond

Longshot is prepping the release of his seventh studio album, Nothing’s Gold, but this project is a lot more than just your average album. We’ll let Long do the talking.

This time around Shot returns with his newest project, ‘Nothing’s Gold’. ‘Nothing’s Gold’, Longshot’s 7th studio album, has a duel meaning for the Midwest native. The idea to create the project was inspired first by an interview by Tupac Shakur where he mentioned a project he had hopes of completing called ‘Nothing’s Gold’ where all the songs were to be recorded and written by kids. See, for the past couple years Shot has been working part time for a non profit after school program on the Southside of Minneapolis tutoring and mentoring underprivileged youth, so this idea really resonated with the impassioned emcee. The concept sparked something inside and Longshot began collecting beats from long time collaborator Panthrow aka Young Diamond. ‘Nothing’s Gold’ also represents the world in which Longshot lives in and comes from: “all that glitters ain’t gold”. In fact for Longshot nothing is gold. In this day and age of music where it’s all about shiny cars and jewelry, there are more pressing issues needing attention. Songs like ‘Don’t Cry’, ‘Had He Lived’(Benji Wilson), and ‘I Pray’ tell a story of kids trying to grow up positive in a negative environment. ‘The American Way’, ‘Wake Up’, and ‘Everybody’ touch on the topic of social justice and our responsibility to each other as people, as brothers and sisters. And even though ‘Nothing’s Gold’, we still shine when we work hard and never give up(‘No Matter What’ ft. deM atlaS, ‘As I See It’, ‘On The Road’). This album has Longshot creating songs over more traditional boom bap production, with the soundscape being created by Kenny Keys, Young Diamond, Noam The Drummer and Akronem.

Pre-order the album here. 

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