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Kanye West Is being Sued For “Bound 2″

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A child hood star of the original “Bound” record has filed a lawsuit against Kanye for using samples of track without permission. Bound 2 is one of Kanye hit records of the year and hard to believe that the controversy singer has not bought rights to avoid this messy lawsuit.

The childhood star is from 70s group duo Pandorosa Twin plus one is singing the chorus of “Bound 2″ Listening to both songs to compare the songs it is definently a match. Kanye West has been sued by Ricky Spicer, the Ponderosa Twins Plus One singer behind the sample from “Bound 2″. The New York Daily News reports that Spicer has asked West to compensate him or cease and desist from using his voice.

Spicer, 56, resides in Ohio,”was stunned when he heard himself on the radio backing up West” on “Bound 2,” the hit single, which appears on West’s No. 1 album, Yeezus. The lawsuit also names Roc-A-Fella, Island Def-Jam, Rhino Entertainment, and Universal Music Group. Bound 2 is the updated remix of 2013 with Kanye as the featuring rapper. If this allegation is true that Kanye unlawfully sampled the song he will be paying back the 70s child singer a pretty penny.

“Bound 2″ is on “Yeezus” which is rated as one of the top 50 albums of 2013. The sales of Yeezus elevated once the release of”Bound 2″ music video featuring fiancee Kim Kardashian sprawled across motorcycle topless. Kanye West and his labels have not yet responded to the lawsuit

Comments from the lawsuit on Kanye:

“Wow, people come from under rocks when they think they found a way to scam someone for money. I listened to the song above and I just want to say that, Kanye use of the word get down dosen’t have any implication, that it was taken from the song above. If that’s the case no word’s are safe unless we use them once…. This is too funny, I know Kanye somewhere wanting to publically challenge this. I Love the song Kanye made, why Now is this a issue? It’s not like the song just came out. Oh it took that long to convince yourself that your lawsuit is real.. Too much…”

“I didn’t even think you could sue for a clip that last less than a sec. Im pretty sure the infringement dept. at the copyright office say’s it has to be a significant amount of material that makes the record marketable. I dunno about anyone else but someone saying “get down” doesn’t make me purchase a record unless their name is James & Brown put together.”

“While West may have committed some egregiously indecorous acts in his day, this supposed infringement is completely unwarranted–and I am by no means partial to Mr. West. There isn’t so much as a DETECTION of Pryor’s voice saying, “get down,” in the song.”

Here is the video of the original “Bound” by Panderosa twins plus one and Kanye West “Bound2″ listen and see if this the same sample played in the 2013 version of the song.

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