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Another Peter Gunz Saga: Love & HipHop New York

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As usual emotions run high on the last episode of Love & Hip Hop. As we all know, Peter Gunz and Erica Mena did more then just exchange words (to say the least). Which put Rich in the awkward position to choose between, as Peter put it “Royalty or Ratchetness”. Given the situation , Rich knew he had to make an executive decision to whether work with Peter Gunz or work and “play” with Erica Mena. Rich stood his ground and sided with Erica at the risk of losing his boy Peter Gunz.

Saga doesn’t end there. I guess it is every mans dream to have beautiful women fight over him. In this case Peter in the middle of his own nightmare and is losing in the love department. After spotting Peter and Amina sporting their new wedding bands Yandy blasting Peter in front of now wife Amina, for still carrying on a separate relationship with his long time girlfriend and mother of his two children, Tara Wallace. Amina was none to happy about Tara and Peter’s affair. Amina, herself mention how upset and uncomfortable she was to hear her husband infidelities. All cost, it seems like Amina is not quitting this marriage.

Just when we thought the drama was over K. Michelle feels overwhelmed with all the negative and false blogs and having what she call an “incompetent staff” and. In my opinion that is apart the industry and it comes with the territory. You life is under a microscope. It is all on how you handle the pressure of being an musical artist. K. Michelle, keep your head up, break through the negativity and prove those bloggers wrong. As far as K.Michelle’s staff goes there’s nothing wrong with cleaning house.

At this point you cannot afford to miss the season finale of Love & HipHop New York on Vh1.

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