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Big Rob - Danielle Robertson / Smile Ft. 2Pac & A.C / I'm Back

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Big Rob-(born Robert Leon West) was born April 4, 1988. In 2003 Big Rob started to show interest in rapping when he was in middle school, where he would freestyle the other students and he decided to try his hand at songwriting. After working for a while on changing his style from free-style to Hardcore Rapper in September 2003 he founded Hardhitter Entertainment (formally known as Hard Knocks). He began working with his brother-in-law and one of his friends (signed with Kant Stop Records). Between 2003-2004, Big Rob formed a group called "D.Y.N." In 2005, Big Rob left Kant Stop Records because of creative differences. In 2008 after a three year hiatus from the industry he form a partnership with his high school classmate Michael Anderson A.K.A (Y.K.M) to bring back HardHitter ENT and sign two artists named AC and Monica Gotti. In 2009 Big Rob formed another partnership with Yungun with Stressmade Records and as his producer. In 2010 Big Rob was signed with Black Fly Music for digital distribution deal in 2011 Big Rob left Black Fly Music because of creative differences. Big Rob has rejoined D.Y.N after five years of absence from the group and is scheduled to work on group album with D.Y.N in the near future. He also formed another group with AC and Monica Gotti called Next Level and they appear on a track with Big Rob’s upcoming album Time to Rise Vol.1-Outer Heaven. In 2011 Big Rob has formed another partnership with Wesley Mitchell and Hip Hop in the Ville and also debut in a movie called King of the Ville-Cashville Killers.Big Rob also preformed at the 2012 H.H.V. Awards(Hip Hop In The Ville).On July 23, 2012 Big Rob released Time to Rise Vol.1-Outer Heaven after a four years of hard work is now available on ITunes and Amazon.In the fall of 2012 Big Rob ended his partnership with Wesley Mitchell due to fraud.On January 03,2013 Big Rob had a show at the night club "The End" and he was introduced to Skyblacke by Rob Dee.Big Rob and Skyblacke became friends quickly.On March 13, 2013 Big Rob signed a deal with Off Top Records. Since then Big Rob has performed at MTSU,BB Kings, Centerstage, Jazz & Jokes and has appeared on six different T.V. shows in Nashville. Big Rob will release his second album "Time To Rise Vol 2: Day of Reckoning in the spring of 2014.

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