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FSD Feature: ZMoney: Mo Money, No Problems

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Words by Charne Graham (@88nae88)

In just a little over a year, ZMoney has taken the Chicago rap world by storm. This past summer, the 20-year-old artist released two mixtapes, Rich  B4 Rap and Heroin Musik on the same day — a bold maneuver for any artist — let alone one introducing his debut project to the world.

But what Z achieved was fairly monumental, and with no major push or promo, he ended up providing a summer soundtrack for the streets. The tapes thrust Z’s career in motion, and have fast-tracked him to catching the attention of major publications and record labels. We got the opportunity to chat with ZMoney about his rap career (he’s only been rapping for a little over a year), his business endeavors and his three upcoming mixtapes which will also drop on the same day. Can lightening strike three times?

FSD: So you dropped two mixtapes in one day this past summer the summer. That’s pretty unorthodox. What was the inspiration behind that?

ZMoney: I wanted to come in the rap game doing something different, you know. I wanted to stand out from these other guys. I knew two mixtapes at the same time would catch a lot of people’s eyes. Dropping like 40 songs in one day would catch anybody’s eyes so that’s why I did it.

FSD: That must have been a tough and arduous progress working on two projects at once. How long did it take you to complete?

ZMoney: I go to the studio everyday. I’m actually headed to the studio right now as we speak. Making a tape ain’t hard at all to me. I got 11 songs done for my next project already.

FSD: Tell me the significant difference between Heroin Musik and Rich B4 Rap?

ZMoney: Heroin Musik is for the streets. I’m talking about what happens in the streets and telling stories about my lifestyle. Rich B4 Rap is more of the playa side of things, like just getting women and money. So Heroin Musik is the drugs and Rich B4 Rap is just swaggin’ and all that playa type stuff. Both mixtapes have two totally different moods. They don’t sound anything alike.

FSD: So you’ve only been rapping for a year, what made really want to get into music?

ZMoney: The lifestyle I live. I never really wanted to be a rapper at first, but I feel I’m one of the very few living the life I rap about. I was just playing around with it at first, but people around me told me I should keep going. I didn’t really start taking the rap shit serious until about three or four months ago. I have my own style and my own lingo, so I think that will make me stand out as well.

FSD: Are there any artists who influenced you to start rapping?

ZMoney: Gucci Mane, Yo Gotti and Rocko. Rappers I always listened and looked up to.

FSD: How did you get the name ZMoney.

ZMoney: ‘Cause you can tell I’m about my money. ZMoney is about to be bigger than a rap name, though — it’s about to be a brand. ZMoney and my company Forever Paid will both be household names in a minute.

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