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Tech Cocktail Celebrate x Life is Beautiful by [@jnyflower]

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JD and I got into Vegas on a Wednesday (10/23), I signed up to take a tour of Tony Hsieh‘s (of Zappos) apartment/workspace at the Ogden — it was quite impressive — but we weren’t allowed to take photos. However, we were allowed to take photos of his “jungle room” which had real life plants growing from the wall, which created a “clean air” atmosphere.


Tony Hsieh has been organizing a major re-development and revitalization project for downtown Las Vegas, which has been for the most part left behind compared to the Las Vegas strip’s zooming growth.
One of the projects that the “Downtown Project” partnered with is Tech Cocktail Celebrate — a national tech competition and conference, joined by other start up founders, entrepreneurs, tech enthusiasts, investors, and local community leaders from across the nation — that provides start-up companies a platform to pitch their ideas.  JD spoke the first day of the event, touching on the subject of what inspires him outside of the music industry.  He touched on his own Global 14 community and how it is his own platform to share his interests with other.  He also brought up and great point that was the conversation for the week, and that was how do we get away from our comfort zone and build relationships/conversations with people outside of our own networks.  There will be a video available, so I won’t give it away, but he had the room in laughter.
Inline image 1
Tech Cocktail wrapped up the following day with a winner, Maxwell Health.  They redefine health care for businesses with a SaaS platform and service experience that dramatically simplifies employee benefits, reduces insurance costs, and improves employee health by eliminating paperwork — making it easier for small businesses to deal with insurance companies.
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No amount of words can explain how much fun I had at the Life is Beautiful Festival – by far the cleanest festival I’ve been to — they had incredible food, beautiful art, and a lot of great music! Here are some photos:
Inline image 3Inline image 417.jpg22.jpgInline image 9Inline image 10Inline image 12Inline image 16Inline image 15Inline image 17
I encourage everyone to be apart of the experience next year — go to www.lifeisbeautifulfestival.com for the complete line-up of performers — you will not regret it!  This was their first year, and it’s incredible how well they executed the festival with over 60,000 people in attendance. Special thanks to Frank & Jen for taking great care of me, and also the entire Tech Cocktail Celebrate staff for coordinating everything for JD and me. See you there, next year!!!! Viva [Downtown] Las Vegas!!!

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