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G$ - Come Get It

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Duplin County, North Carolina bred an ambitious and authentic storyteller in hip-hop artist, G$. As a child, Gary Montgomery was both academically and athletically inclined. Although a budding future in sports brewed from a young age, his passion for music simmered slowly until in his teenage years. With the influence of his older cousins and a gradual cultivation for a desire to perfect his craft, Gary was destined to showcase his natural talent for freestyling. Lyrics flowed from his mouth with ease, and he haphazardly became known throughout the town as rapper G$.

In its infancy, G$’s career began in a group with his cousin, Pook Nado, known as the Young Bucks. The dynamic duo effortlessly carved their niche in the local underground hip-hop scene. As the pair matured and deviated from their unified mission, G$ diligently pursued a solo career in music, eventually landing a deal with North Carolina-based independent label, 11 Entertainment. Opening for prominent headliners like Rick Ross and Fat Joe generated more buzz, as his name began to ring in the North Carolina underground circuit. His charismatic demeanor allows him to network effortlessly with major artists, as G$ continues to promote his music and evolve his craft.

Creating relatable stories is the motivation behind his music, delving into the lifestyles of listeners with similar mentalities, struggles, and circumstances. His unwavering confidence resonates in his delivery, as he recounts the accounts of his own life. G$ maximizes the opportunity to share his passion and his life with the world through his music, as he embarks on the next chapter of his career as an entertainer, an artist, and a storyteller. Currently collaborating with label mate Marc Law on one project while simultaneously creating music for his own solo album, G$ persistently pursues unyielding success in the music industry, constantly progressing with each project and expanding his brand toward regional and national recognition.

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