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Steve Aoki Wunderground Response

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LOL!! Did you got fooled by this fake “story” on Wunderground.ie?

My crew and I had a good laugh about it when it was first posted (more at how bad the joke was than it actually being funny), but unfortunately some of my fans thought it was real.

I want to make sure my fans understand that this piece is in fact a parody. And I’m stressing the word parody here: any humorous, satirical, or burlesque imitation, as of a person, event.

Wundeground.ie. said it best in their response to the cease & desist letter from David Guetta’s laywers: “Wunderground is a satirical dance music website that never deals in actual factual statements or events, but instead pokes fun at the dance music community through the medium of comedy.”

So to set the record straight for my fans.

· I never said any of this and these quotes are completely untrue. Dance music is my love, is my passion, is my life. I live for my fans and I take my art very seriously.
· I’d hate for any up-and-coming artists to see this post, take it to heart and believe it has any shred of truth or legitimacy. Dance music is a serious art form and we’ve been working very hard as an international community to push our voice and message to the masses.
· This story does the opposite and in no way should my fans believe it to be true at all. I love you all very much and you’re the reason why I do this for a living. You’re the reason why I push myself to become a better artist and performer and continue to take my show to a higher level.

So Wunderground, nice try, but you’re no Onion. Take a note from the masters and step up your game:

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