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Ciara Snaps On Twitter Hater

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''What U Gettin Wit Dem Bangs??''
6:00AM ET September 18th, 2013
Contributor : Monica Coleman
A Rocky Williform Company

Ciara Snaps On Twitter Hater

Ciara has had it with cyber bullies.

Some people live to pop off at celebrities on social media, but one girl seemed to get on Ci-Ci's nerves. So the singer decided to clap back at her after she clowned Ciara's dancing.

"The Matrix came out in 2001, why are you still doing it? I wish u would sit your dancing azz down them old azz dance moves I like one song since u been singing and thatâs yo body is my party," she tweeted.

"@KibaGossett That Matrix Move, Sure Is Gettin Me A Lottâa Money. But What U Gettin Wit Dem Bangs??:)..1 Follower:)â¦..Crickets:)â¦" Ciara replied. "Them bangs? Seriously Them Bangs??:)...This Person Thinks It's Cool 2 Talk About People all Day:) Not Cool!!:)"

Ciara soon decided to take down the post and dismissed cyber bullying altogether.

"Kids. The Moral 2 The Story Is The Message Above...Spend Less Time Bringing People Down, and Lift People Up," she posted. "No 1 Likes When the Tables R Turned ON Them. Spread Love."
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