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B.I.Z. Ft. Ashaki - Mile High

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The rapper and songwriter of hip-hop music known as B.I.Z. has released his most capital single to date, “Mile High,” to uproarious global applause. The track has been released on the Thowed Off Ent. music record label. In addition to the skills of B.I.Z. himself, “Mile High” also enlists and features the many talents of Ashaki. A classy, groovy, chill and old-school cool single in the tradition of the rap legends of yesteryear, “Mile High” by B.I.Z. is one of the most heavy-hitting and powerful hip-hop songs released in quite some time.

B.I.Z. (also sometimes referred to as Belly) is a rapper and urban poet from the Alabama area. His locale informs his art, bringing with it the unmistakable “dirty south” sound, though elements of other rap cultures are also present. Fans of Snoop Lion (nee Doggy Dogg), Ice Cube and the Notorious B.I.G. will not be disappointed.

B.I.Z. was a featured rap artist on Gucci Mane’s “Murder Was the Case” LP, and has also lent his vocals to a dizzying array of mixtapes worldwide, many of which are available online today. He garnered the Next Artist to Blow award at the 2007 Underground Grammies, assuring his growing legion of fans that bigger and better things were yet to come from this titan of hip hop from Huntsville. As it stands, “Mile High” is an obviously towering achievement, one music listeners worldwide are certain to take note of and make mention.

With tracks like “Mile High” from B.I.Z., the underground scene had better get ready for a few changes. B.I.Z. is coming with a sound bigger than 'Bama, and maybe even bigger than the South as a whole. If the bass drops, the doors come unhinged and the dance floor falls out, nobody can say they weren't warned.

“Mile High” by B.I.Z. and featuring Ashaki is available September 6, 2013.

-S. McCauley

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Download B.I.Z. Ft. Ashaki - Mile High Clean

Download B.I.Z. Ft. Ashaki - Mile High Dirty

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