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Mack Maine gets charged with sexual battery

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Mack Maine represents “America’s Most Wanted” tour a little too hard.  After the sketchy events that happened on the tour bus the night of August 22nd, Mack Maine is looking to be charged with sexual battery.

The night of the 22nd, Mack Maine invited two girls to his tour bus after the show in Oklahoma City.  The girls, Rachel Reed and Cailey Maddox, went to his tour bus and got an unwanted surprise.  Mack Maine stuck his hand down one of their shirts, the girls were not down for Mack Maine’s forward actions and tried to leave.  According to TMZ Mack Maine blocked off the exit and refused to let them leave, holding the door shut.  Mack Maine then let them out of the tour bus but punched Cailey in the face, breaking her jaw in two places.  Cailey would have to undergo a surgery that consists of wiring shut her jaw to heal, kinda like when Kanye got in that tragic car accident that ended with the song “Through the Wire”.  Unfortunately for Cailey all she will get is a few mentions in hip hop news as that girl that got rocked by Mack Maine.


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