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2Chainz Is “Pissed” With Album Sells After Putting In 10,000 Hours Into Making The Album

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2Chainz is beyond pissed with the prediction of 1st week of  albums sells especially after he put ten thousand hours into making this album. The self proclaimed Hair Weave Killa recently did an interview with Angie Martinez of Hot 97  radio and he stated he’s “pissed” at Def Jam for under shipping unit of his sophomore album B.O.A.T.S. II: Me Time which hit store shelves this past Tuesday.

The album is expected to ONLY sell 55,000-65,000–compared to his first album Based On A T.R.U. Story which sold over 147,000 copies its first week. Although Chainz never revealed how many albums were shipped, he states that their were a miss-communication between himself and the executives at Def Jam on how many items should be shipped to the stores and he’s afraid that his fans will not be able to find his album.


No official words or response  from Def Jam reps has been released to clear up this alleged allegation made by 2Chainz. Chainz who still goes the original rap name Tity Boy, released his first album Based On A T.R.U. Story on August 14th of last year after two successful singles was released  prior to the albums debut “No Lie” &  ”Birthday Song”. Both songs made Top 10 of both US Hot R&B Song & US Rap Song Chart on the Billboard Top 100. On the other hand, B.O.A.T. II only released one single “Feds Watching” with the help of producer Pharrell,  three months prior to the release of the album and has only peaked at #20 on the Top Us Rap Song.


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