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Travon Martin Case Has Gone To Far; New Racial Video Game Released

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This thing with black and white people has gone on for too long. Now this innocent boy has been killed and lawyers are trying to finding justice some game developers throw out something ridiculous as a game that shows that the ‘black’ teens walks around the neighborhood killing the ‘white’ people. What type of sign is that towards this case? They should have them discard of it and have them pay a few what they created and published.

Angry-Trayvon-phone-game-pulled-after-protest-YouTube google-and-apple-remove-a-game-called-angry-trayvon-from-app-stores-after-outrage

This app started because of the case of a young man name Trayvon Martin and an adult name George Zimmerman. Martin was in a different neighborhood was accused of being a threat and got killed because of that assumption but that’s only half of the jury thinks that assumption but other half says Zimmerman was dong no harm and since he felt threatened he defended himself. Because of this case that is going on as we speak developers created an app that defies this case and it has a very negative message.

The plot of this ‘entertainment’ was to travel in different cities as Trayvon Martin and kill the bad guys because he was mad and wanted revenge. There were different tactics on killing and other ridiculous rules. But luckily a petition was demanded to remove this rubbish from Google Play, complaint were all over the social networking.

This was no way to broadcast this case; if they wanted broadcast they should’ve done it the appropriate way. This was immature, wrong, and unprofessional and just plain old wrong, we have so much hatred and racism in the world we don’t need more to add to the collection. We just need peace.


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