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Rapper Jay Z Gives Props To Miley Cyrus’ Twerking On Magna Carta Holy Grail

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She is known now for her new style and her new big girl status. Miley Cyrus started showing her new Miley after she got her big cut, started writing new songs then hanging with different celeb friends (which she doesn’t care who opposes). Well in June in Los Angeles in House of Blues at a Juicy J concert, she was on stage twerking her thang on stage to Bands to Make Her Dance and strutting it. Fans aren’t complaining about this Miley, they are surprised but like it and are asking for more. After her twerking came she asked her fans to make a twerking video to her new song We Can’t Stop.

Now in July the big man himself Jay Z was giving a shout out to Miley and what she was doing.  He was on twitter answering fan questions about his new track Somewhere in America and during the questions a joke was made about Miley and her dancing, “You really think Miley Cyrus still twerking somewhere in America?”  And Jay responded “yes! She represents an old world’s nightmare” giving her props for what she is doing.

jay-z-miley-cyrus-twerk-070413-400x300 miley-cyrus-twerk

A track on his album Magna Carta Holy Grail he rhymes “When I was talking Instagram, Last thing you wanted was your picture snapped/Feds still lurking, They see I’m still putting work in/Cause somewhere in America, Miley Cyrus is still twerkin’, HA!”. Miley had to put her two cents in for all the haters on her dancing saying “Call it what you want. But I don’t see Mr. Carter shoutin any of you bitches out”.

She is proud of what she is doing and doesn’t cares if she gets bad remarks because at the end of the day she will still have fans and she will make music for her fan and herself with this new twerking Miley Cyrus.



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