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Review: The Aptly Titled ‘Sh!t’ Shows Future In A Rare Stumble

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Oh "Sh!t"—Future shows a chink in his platinum-plated armor

It would be quite tempting to dismiss Atlanta rapper, songwriter, and producer Future as a mere gimmick. After all, when you've been branded early on as the two-fisted, street-fueled version of former Auto-Tune king T-Pain, it’s tough to get around the sheer novelty of a 29-year-old grown man detailing his past D-boy exploits with the voice of a Star Wars android. But such a dissection of this in-demand musical anomaly is shortsighted. There’s a reason why in today’s claustrophobic, anyone-can-do-it music scene, Future stands as the ultimate guilty pleasure. His latest creation, “Sh!t,” comes at time when the omnipresent act is seemingly at the peak of his powers.

Indeed, Future has proven himself to be a diverse character that has shown the uncanny ability to be all things to all people: lovable hoodlum (“Same Damn Time”); romantic crooner (“Turn On The Lights”); unlikely pop co-conspirator (“Loveeeeeee Song”—Future’s sneaky good collaboration with chart-topping rebel doll Rihanna). “Sh!t,” however, shows a weakness in Future’s arsenal. For all of his ability to create pure, infectious hooks, his actual skill-set as an MC is somewhere between Chief Keef and that dude in the subway holding a WILL RAP FOR FOOD sign.

“Don’t put a nigga on a T-shirt…represent your gang, throw it up!” Future screams over a sinister, horror-film worthy backdrop. Rambling aside, it’s quite evident that Future has spoiled us with his talent to merge hip-hop, R&B, and pop into something fresh and at times admirably strange. As we wait for his more melodic output, hopefully we will chalk the aptly-titled “Sh!t” up to the growing pains of hit-making hubris. —Keith Murphy (@murphdogg29)

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