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Marvin Thorndyke - Say My (2013 Release) *Lounge*

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Refreshing. That is the new EP of Marvin Thorndyke's EP called ' Say My'. 
After his last EP Marvin wanted to create a whole different sound, influenced by artist as Disclosure and Bondax. Music with soul. Music that sounds passion and ambition.
On his new EP that will be released after this summer you can hear a wide range of different styles, with especially loungetracks that will give you the feeling that you are flying above a tropical island. Alone, but surrounded with love.
Because, as Marvin says it, love is everything. And everything connects. 
Now, you can listen here to the first single that's called 'Say My'. And we are looking forward to your  response. The official release in iTunes and Spotify is 2013/7/1, but feel free to publish this track on your channel or page. And we hope that you'll enjoy every single bit of it. Just like we enjoyed creating this for you.
With passion. With ambition. 
With love,
-Marvin Thorndyke
Exclusive dropboxlink: https://bitly.com/11nAsvb
2013/6/15 NEW UPDATE:
Good news from our distributor! The track 'Say My' will be released on 2013/7/1 via iTunes and Spotify. This will be one single, and the EP will be released after the Summer of 2013.
But feel free to publish or support this track online. Downloadlink: bit.ly/11nAsvb
I want to thank everybody for their support, without them this wouldn't be possible. Bless you!
Hope to hear from you soon!
With love,
Marvin Thorndyke



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