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Miami Strip Club Dancer’s Tip Drill And Skraw Berry Lay A Beat Down On Diamond The Body –

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Miami strip club dancer’s Skraw berry and Tip Drill lay hands on diamond the body over an altercation that may have not had anything to do with them.It all went down at the office strip club in Miami Gardens when according to Tip Drill who blew the case wide open via Instagram laid it all out.Apparently the girl below in the red dress disrespected Diamond The Body so hard it offended Tip Drill who could not believe that Diamond The Body would stand by and receive such insults.


In the video you can see the ladies going back and forth with each other and tempers are clearly at a boiling point when Tip Drill removed what she stated was her one thousand dollar pair of shoes and started attacking Diamond The Body.Then out of nowhere gangsta ass Skraw berry emerged from in front of the mirror and proceeded to deliver a plethora of blows in a Floyd Mayweather type fashion lol.


Above is the narraration from Tip Drill…



To be honest i’m kind of turned on by this story,i mean look at the video it’s a bunch of naked women arguing in the locker room of a Haitian strip club in Miami.Sounds like pretty good scene in an upcoming Miami movie.The real hero of this little clip though is Skraw Berry who seemed to have kept quite the whole time the arguing was going on but really came out guns blazing once the action started.I mean really Diamond The Body must have been thinking ‘where this hoe come from,who’s hitting me’i know these hoes ain’t jumping me.

Speaking of Skraw Berry and fighting in clubs she’s no stranger to late night brawls with other females.Her last know encounter was with celebrity socialite Teyana Taylor over NFL player Willis Mcgahee at the fontainebleau hotel in Miami.If you want to read more about that story click here it’s pretty funny….

Click Here If you want to see Tip Drill in action in her new music video with Nisha Rockstarr and the other Miami Stripper turn rapper Dime Piece 


Here’s Diamond The Body not bad but i’m sure at The Office Strip club she might be at the top of the food chain.And I’m also sure after a beat down like this she may want to seek a new place of employment.

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