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Talib Kweli Criticizes Illuminati Obsessives

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''You Don't Really Know What the F**k You're Reading''
4:30PM ET May 21st, 2013
Contributor : Stephen Willis
A Rocky Williform Company

Talib Kweli Criticizes Illuminati Obsessives

Talib Kweli spoke to VladTV about hip-hop's ever-constant obsession with the Illuminati. The Brooklyn rhymer said that he's been reading about global conspiracies for decades, but the constant focus on a secret society is distracting people from very real issues.

"What I quickly realized from reading all those books back then is if you do not know the history of the author, then you don't really know what the f**k you're readin'," Kweli says. "So a lot of the Illuminati stuff and anti-Illuminati stuff comes from right-wing, conservative, Christian think tanks, John Birch Society types who felt the need to demonize Freemasons and demonize these groups at the beginning of America. So, it's all religious stuff."

"The Illuminati was a real organization and quite possibly could be a real organization now, but the amount of power that people allow it to have on their lives is based on them," he continues. "We have the International Money Fund, the World Bank. We have rich families that are conspiring and getting together to have one currency, to have one world order to make sh*t easier for them. These things are dangerous and catastrophic for millions of people, some of these decisions that these rich people make. But when you start adding a boogieman, 'Oooh, mysterious, secret society' aspect to it, you really distract it from the real issue and you're not giving enough props and credit to how dangerous and how evil some of this sh*t really is."

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