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Tahiry Discusses Joe Budden

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''We Speak Two Different Languages...''
8:30PM ET January 5th, 2012
Contributor : Erica Moore
A Rocky Williform Company

Tahiry Discusses Joe Budden

Video vixen Tahiry opened up about the turbulent relationship she has with on-again, off-again boyfriend, rapper Joe Budden. A viral video hit the web recently featuring the two emotionally discussing their relationship troubles.

"Me and Joe, we're at that space where from time to time we fall in and out of our friendship. He didn't pop up this time. We're not at the space where we're disliking each other. We have conversations, which is what happened in that clip. We're able to sit today and just talk sometimes as two human beings who were together for a long time," she says. "Because he was in my life a long time, pretty much in that age range where you're growing up with somebody, we have conversations. We go times without speaking, where I disagree how he runs his life and he might disagree with mine. Then, there's times when we get back and it's like, 'How are you?' We always manage to, [no matter] whatever's happening, check up on each other. That day was pretty much having a conversation about relationships and what went wrong."

"That was pretty much clearing it up because...clearly, men and women are in two separate zip codes. We speak two different languages. I meant every word I said on that clip. It's pretty much me explaining to him why we got to where we got to today or two, three years ago when we broke up. It's explaining to men that it's important for them to do things for their woman," Tahiry adds. "It doesn't matter if she's crazy independent...little things matter to keep a relationship alive. Showing that you care and not forgetting what was there. Him laughing and still not thinking about how he moved in the past was wrong. A lot of men go through that. They're like, 'I know you!' Well, the reason why you know me is you've done somethings in the past that you've seemed to have forgotten and this is why things fade. It was general conversation about what men tend to forget that women need."

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