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BKCashmere Ft. Michael Jackson - Occupy America

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Tywan M. Harris, rapper/songwriter and entrepreneur, better known as Cashmere, released "Take Me Away", the debut album from the Brooklyn rap messenger, including the hit singles "It's My Time", “Buji Girl” and "Where's Cashmere?”

"The title 'Take Me Away' is something I asked God to do for me. To take me away from the negative things I was around, to take me away from the ghetto, the struggle, the poverty! At the same time I wanted him to also take me away to unbelievable heights, and let me enjoy all the fruits and labor of life, the way he said we are to enjoy."

Cashmere unveils his most inner thoughts and intimate feelings about the life-alerting events that led to the making of "Take Me Away", which wasn’t an easy journey for an aspiring and amazing talented artist that has gone through a lot of trials and tribulations in his early ages.

"My debut album 'Take Me Away' means a lot to me as I put all my heart into it. It's the beginning of my new life and the first time I have really felt alive in a longtime. It's been a long road to get to where I am at now and I didn't just get here; I've had to learn the importance of patience, and understanding, and the best is yet to come."

The acclaimed lead singles, "It’s My Time", “Buji Girl” and "Where’s Cashmere?,” have been well accepted by fans and critics alike and officially mark Cashmere's return to the Hip-Hop game -- music videos for the singles garnered more than 25,000 views on YouTube (see links below).

Cashmere, once hailed as the hottest new Hip-Hop act from the Big Apple with official co-signs by DJ Kay Slay, DJ Enuff, and FunkMaster Flex, says, "This album is uplifting -- it's 100% pure positive! Even the negative element you hear in it ends on a positive note and with a positive twist. I'm not telling my people to sell drugs, I'm not telling my people to act with violence -- I'm saying I did that and look where it got me! I found myself in the streets, getting shot and being locked up! Who would want that out of life?"

Cashmere's career dates back to 2003 when his mix tape "The Proposal" was released, hosted by DJ Kay Slay, followed by "Me & My Music" (2006), hosted by Mr. Cee -- both critically acclaimed projects. In one of many articles written, The Source claimed that, "Cashmere is leading the charge to bring the Hip-Hop crown back home." Cashmere has worked with many artists including Bun B, Big Daddy Kane, Jim Jones, Lil Boosie, Akon, Maino and a host of others while being featured on albums such as DJ Kay Slay's "Street sweepers Vol. 1", and the follow up "Pain from the Game".

In Cashmere's music you will find that you are envisioning a story so real and full of life, revisiting a feeling you have felt, and a sound you will want to replay over and over again. Cashmere recognizes that his album is his opportunity to showcase his skills once again, implying that this project is the culmination of years of practice and progress.

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VIDEO: Cashmere - It's My Time: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NelvsH-B95M

VIDEO: Cashmere - Where's Cashmere?: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fN8-kVe7WZ4




Download BKCashmere Ft. Michael Jackson - Occupy America Clean

Download BKCashmere Ft. Michael Jackson - Occupy America Dirty

Contact: abejonson8@gmail.com

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