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  • Biography The NYC Underground Strip Club scene is an exotic blend of black, white, hispanic, & asian cultures & subcultures mixed together under one roof. It requires a dj with extreme knowledge and expertise with the ability to handle and satisfy all these different races of dancers & the different races of customers that come to enjoy them. For these reasons veteran dancers of NYC underground strip clubs have affectionately labeled Dj Paradise as the Strippers Choice! There is no dj that can help these dancers make money the way Paradise does. Not one. A bold and true statement that has been put to the test time & time again. We're talking from hard line customers who don't want to spend. Paradise explains: "I sell the stripper to them as a product. Just like that shot of patron or hennesy they're drinking. The fantasy they can't refuse. I know understand, and deal with the stripper mentality from the new jack stripper to the veteran. And knowing the difference is key when having to deal with 40 or 50 exotic dancers of all races colors backgrounds & levels of experience, who all think they are the shit over the other. In their minds no matter how fierce or busted they are, they believe they're all legends & divas. Imagine having 30 or 40 sisters who all thought like this? Dj's that come in to audition find this out very quickly & last as long as a hiccup. You have to have and be a special talent to deal with them. this among a dozen more reasons seperates me from the dj pack when it comes to Strippers & NYC Strip Clubs"

    History...A natural showman "Dise" was the original Dj and MC for legendary Lingerie Queen Mary Brown and her traveling beauties called For 'Your Eyes Only' He also did the same for Male Strip Show Queen the late great Mimi Harris' & her Body Heat Gents. Paradise would drive the all female audience crazy having them interact with MiMi's all male revue. Paradise was also the first to create mixes for strip clubs years before someone thought it a great idea to hire dj's. His original mix tape 'Dance Erotica' was played in notable Bronx underground strip joints such as The Wedge, The Triangle, The Players Club, and The Goat all located in the infamously notorious section of the BX known as Hunts Point. Managers who frequented these clubs had to have Dise's Dance Erotica for their own spots. It wasn't long before upgraded Gentlemen Clubs like The G Spot, J.R.'s, Sues Rendevouz, The Play House, Pretty Woman (now called Crazy Horse) and Gilmores Paradise were all vying for the next release of Dance Erotica.

    Soon very much in demand, Underground Promoters such as NYC's Super Strippers, Cafe Suenos, CJ Productions, and Club 1680 Hired Paradise as their main dj / mc for their traveling stripper, fetish shows, all nude revues,sexy bbw strip shows, stripper boat rides, stripper weekend getaways, and lap dance parties all over the NYC tri state area.

    Paradise was also the first NYC Dj to introduce the "party atmosphere" into NYC Strip Clubs. It didnt take long for independent nyc strip club promoters to copy his blue print and follow bringing in superstar djs like Funkmaster Flex, Dj Envy, & Carmello. What made & kept Dj Paradise a step ahead of these "superstar dj's" was Paradise introduced & consistantly played "Dirty South" in nyc strip clubs making him undisputedly NYC's Dirty South King!
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